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Airgas Liquid CO2







Liquid CO2 is a simple, yet versatile gas used in a growing number of applications and in a wide range of industries. Airgas is the nation’s second largest distributor of Liquid CO2. Our Star Mississippi plant is the largest CO2 production facility in the world. Select Airgas Carbonics as your supplier and benefit from our distribution network, our food grade quality product and our product application knowledge.

Airgas will help determine your product demand, product applications and telemetry to best serve your requirements. We provide a great product at competitive pricing and on time delivery. Regardless of your needs, Airgas will council you to see that you receive the most efficient order fulfillment process from small users to 80-Ton railcar loads.

Carbon dioxide is inert, colorless, odorless and tasteless. In can be easily and safely liquefied, solidified, handled, and stored. In its liquid form, is readily interacts with water to form carbonic acid, or carbonated water, the beginning point for the worldwide beverage industry. Come see why most of the leaders in the industry and even our competitors purchase much of their Liquid CO2 from Airgas.

Liquid CO2 Details

  • Liquid CO2 is inert, colorless, odorless and tasteless

  • Liquid CO2 is normally produced as a by-product of a refined process…..from natural gas, ammonia, hydrogen and/or ethanol production

  • Liquid CO2 also exists in natural underground wells

  • Liquid CO2 exists in 3 phases….liquid, gas and solid. All 3 phases are utilized in a variety of commercial, industrial and processing applications

  • Liquid CO2 is economically stored in insulated and mechanically refrigerated tanks

  • Liquid CO2 is purified to meet specific standards to meet USDA food and beverage qualifications


Liquid CO2 MSDS Sheet